Uni Market refugees can benefit from our expert leads analysis!

Domain investors that have been using the Uni Market were recently told that the GoDaddy-owned marketplace will shut down on April 18th.

The great platform created by Frank Schilling for all domainers will no longer remain active past the deadline and its users are asked to transition to Afternic.

Exporting your own leads and other data from the Uni Market wasn’t planned that well; we shared a process that allows those who also used the Domain Name Sales platform in the past (DNS) to export the complete dataset.

An update from the Uni Market/GoDaddy/Afternic troika expands the data exported to more than one year but excludes certain valuable fields. founder, Jeff Gabriel, invites those who are willing to share their .CSV files exported from the Uni Market, to get in touch.

Jeff’s prior involvement with the Uniregistry Market generated millions of dollars in sales for Frank Schilling and his customers. His domain brokerage team handled half a billion dollars in sales, including that of

Jeff told us:

“We need the .CSV and an updated domain inventory to run against it.

We would take the spreadsheet file, remove the obvious unqualified offers, scrub the emails, upload it into our CRM and get calling and emailing. We know how to cut right to it!”

So there you have it. If you want to get your domain data to work, email your exported data to Jeff at and let them do what they are great at.

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