Saxenda® : Big pharma bucks, lots of registered domains

Saxenda® is a drug aimed at reducing the risks of diabetes; as with most pharmaceutical products, it’s also a registered trademark.

Pharmaceutical companies generate billions of dollars in revenue annually, and they spend a lot of money for consumer awareness and brand protection.

Saxenda® was introduced to the US market in 2014, after receiving approval by the FDA, and its official description is as follows:

“Saxenda® is a prescription weight-loss medication for excess weight management and obesity.”

Curious about what domains are owned by the Saxenda manufacturer, Novo Nordisk A/S, we did a bit of investigation using DomainTools.

Other than the obvious choice,, the manufacturer of Saxenda® have registered the following domain names:

These 99 domain names were registered between 2013 and 2017, with the majority of registrations occurring in 2014, before new gTLDs took off.

It’s interesting to note that the TLD choices include .mobi domains, .us, .biz and even the .name TLD. Naturally, the majority of domains are .com, with .net and .org coming second.

Registering “sucks” variants seems to be important too, and the company owns more than 1,000 domain names in total.

Conclusion: Domains of interest to pharmaceutical companies include their brands and trademarks. They go after .com first, and make sure they cover negative terms that could protect their brands from abuse.

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