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Schwartz vs Mann : Let’s agree to disagree on widgets



Two domainer monoliths, Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann, agreed to disagree publicly.

The focus: widgets, and in particular a “joint venture” that apparently did not materialize over the domain Widgets.com.

Rick Schwartz owns the domain, and Mike Mann’s references to “widgets” triggered our response, that the matching .com belongs to the Domain King®.

Mike seized the opportunity to respond with his typically sharp, tongue-in-cheek humor:

“I tried to develop with him but he got cold feet and a bad cold and a runny nose, needed wipe.”

Rick’s response followed:

“No Mike, it was a win-lose scenario and most would have fallen into your trap and eventually lost the domain name to you alltogether.

Worst deal ever, so I passed regardless of the pressure that was put on me. You shared your point of view and I just shared mine! Continued success!”

More exchanges ensued, and it seems that the two gentlemen agreed to disagree on the subject of “widgets!” 😀

This is not the first time they do, and it most likely won’t be the last.

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