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Screenshots.com project exposes Domainers’ lack of anti-SOPA participation


Francois loves bouillabaisse, the French soup.

Screenshots.com – the project operated by top domain WHOIS tool DomainTools – exposed the percentage of anti-SOPA participation by domain bloggers.

The result, a staggering 1.5%. 🙁

Of all domainer blogs and services, only Francois of Valuate.com and NameBee.com shut down their services in protest.

“Sopa mean soup in Spanish and dad from Spain so I love soup but no this monster bill”, said Francois while having a generous bowl of bouillabaisse.

“So I shut down Valuate and people complain can’t say worth domains. Today Valuate.com up!” added Francois, while dipping some French bread into the fish soup.

The Screenshots.com project showed no participation by major domainer bloggers, such as Elliot, Rick Schwartz or Chef Patrick. They all kept their blogs going but hey, so did we 😀

Meanwhile, SOPA.com is on sale for $50,000 at Latona’s web site and newsletter.

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