Secured Offers fires Telepathy guy for being a slacker

Secured Offers, the boutique domain storefront of Telepathy, has announced the immediate termination of the “Telepathy Guy.”

After years of slacking by processing $19 dollar inquiries manually, the Telepathy Guy is no more. Telepathy has removed his laid back, relaxed photo from the web site at

Telepathy Guy says, “relax.”

Nat Cohen, Founder and CEO of Telepathy, Inc., and VP of Operations at Secured Offers, made a quick announcement on the termination of its former employee:

“Bob is a good guy and we parted ways amicably, but he was far too slow for the job, in all honesty. In 15 years he probably processed 200 inquiries total, we got people asking me why I have not replied to multi-million dollar offers!”

Letting go of their main guy won’t be hurting Telepathy, that just scored a big sale, that of

Meanwhile, visit to get in touch with Nat directly.

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