Security breach: Most popular domainer password list revealed!

Are you 100% sure your domains are safe?

Are you 100% sure your domains are safe?

A recent security breach at an unidentified domain registrar, has raised concerns about password security among the brightest minds of domaining.

Speaking at a recent security conference, Matt Beowulf of Black Chalice Networks, Inc. explained:

“Domainers are susceptible to repeating the same passwords, such as names of their dogs, their wife’s birthdays or how many times they had sex with that Australian hottie on a Greek beach, 25 years ago!” said Matt Beowulf, smiling.

“Passwords need to be more abstract and complicated, but then how would we able to remember them? It’s really simple, there is a method to the madness,” said Beowulf.

A strong password, such as “1nThM013@B@n” is 12 characters long, and yet, very easy to remember, when treated as an acronym for a phrase.

We begin with the phrase “In the morning I eat bananas” and use the first two letters of each word; we also substitute “i” with the number “1”, the letter “o” with number “0”, the letter “e” with number “3” and the letter “a” with the “@” symbol.

“A lot of domainers believe that passwords are easy to forget, and this is a good way to demonstrate how easy it is to remember,” said Matt Beowulf. “At Black Chalice Networks we ensure your domain passwords remain safe and unforgettable,” added Beowulf, handing out business cards left and right.

A list of common passwords used by domainers, as exposed to a recent security breach, included the following:

  • Alina1970
  • LanaDelRay
  • MyDog
  • Fuckmoniker
  • RURetarded
  • domains2013
  • password
  • Francois

After intervention by Matt Beowulf of Black Chalice Networks, these insecure passwords have now been changed and they are used solely as an example about how dangerous life on the Internet can be.


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