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Sedo .AT domains : Final auction about to set a new sales record!

The third and final auction at Sedo of short, premium keyword .AT domains ends in about 20 hours.

After setting record sales for the Austrian ccTLD, Sedo is about to crush their own record.

So far, 286 .AT domains have bids, totaling almost 145,000 Euro at the time of writing this article!


The top 12 .AT domains currently in auction at Sedo are:

  • S.at with 6738 Euro and 31 bids
  • 8.at with 6675 Euro and 26 bids
  • Wh.at with 6100 Euro and 27 bids
  • V.at with 5301 Euro and 29 bids
  • X.at with 5400 Euro and 34 bids
  • R.at with 5300 Euro and 25 bids
  • Th.at with 5100 Euro and 17 bids
  • Y.at with 5001 Euro and 35 bids
  • W.at with 5001 Euro and 32 bids
  • 7.at with 4364 Euro and 34 bids
  • Se.at with 3414 Euro and 19 bids
  • Sw.at with 2414 Euro and 38 bids

Domain investors looking for short domains that can form “domain hacks” or special words, should keep in mind that anyone can register or own an Austrian .AT domain.

For the Sedo auction link click here.

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