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#Sedo auction : #GreatDomains results for April 25, 2019


Sedo offers the GreatDomains auction – now every 2nd month.

Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, shared with us the results of its GreatDomains auction that ended yesterday, April 25th.

The week-long auction featured more than 100 domain names, and it takes place every two months.

The domain name Cooking.com was the biggest sale of this auction, going for $402,500 dollars.

Here are the results below:

stühle.de 9999 EUR
xivb.com 109 $US
ojcy.com 199 $US
ofyk.com 119 $US
zroj.com 210 $US
zbo.com 14016 $US
eemf.com 399 $US
feff.com 899 $US
bgdo.com 399 $US
gagh.com 399 $US
ddcd.com 1100 $US
firh.com 399 $US
chpi.com 600 $US
ttdt.com 1100 $US
bopt.com 910 $US
jelm.com 572 $US
uum.de 499 EUR
tiuv.com 220 EUR
oryv.com 119 EUR
nvdc.com 670 $US
buqe.com 1149 $US
beautyproduct.com 850 EUR
mndn.com 460 EUR
presale.com 45444 $US
centric.com 46000 $US
cooking.com 402500 $US

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