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#Sedo #domain sales for the week of Mar 23, 2020 topped by Cico.com at 45000 EUR

Sedo weekly: Top sale is that of Cico.com at 45,000 EUR ($48,500 dollars.)

Welcome to the latest edition of reporting on the Sedo domain sales; this time we cover the week ending on March 23, 2020.

This information has been provided by Sedo.com, sponsors of DomainGang. As a side note, Sedo has rolled out its separate Expiring Domains portal.

This report contains 9 domains sold at five figures as seen below:

cico.com 45,000 EUR
giftee.com 20,000 USD
vmeet.com 17,995 USD
washyourhands.com 17,500 USD
successinsider.com 16,000 GBP
ecoware.com 12,500 USD
moneypie.com 11,000 USD
suppose.com 10,000 GBP
graphium.com 10,000 USD

Keep in mind that sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP, but are converted in USD for ranking purposes. It could have been easier to show all sales in Bitcoin! 🙂 Don’t miss out the Sedo Bus story! 🙂

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts of $2000 and up:

womm.com 8,500 USD
yoshien.com 6,600 USD
erektio.com 6,000 EUR
theummah.com 5,500 USD
acconomy.com 5,500 USD
mybite.com 5,400 USD
apartmentsvienna.com 5,000 EUR
schooltogo.com 5,000 USD
lepass.com 5,000 USD
ainos.com 5,000 USD
esnj.com 5,000 USD
gardenmate.com 4,900 USD
teksun.com 4,500 USD
ceilo.com 3,800 EUR
nager.com 3,500 EUR
hipaaforms.com 3,500 USD
vgcx.com 3,500 USD
cropinsure.com 3,200 USD
lens4you.com 2,800 USD
visascenter.com 2,750 USD
vitaminsuperstore.com 2,700 USD
roze.com 2,600 USD
allotravaux.com 2,500 EUR
kreaturesofhabit.com 2,500 USD
goswordfish.com 2,499 USD
erivan.com 2,400 USD

Continuing with ccTLD sales, with all domains in the four figure range.

taf.com.ec 4,999 EUR
darq.de 4,999 USD
sticker.fr 4,500 EUR
penthaus.de 4,000 EUR
pwh.nl 3,000 EUR
drager.com.cn 3,000 USD
medvideo.de 2,500 EUR
medinow.de 2,500 EUR
hirnkrebs.de 2,250 EUR

And lastly, sales of other types of TLDs, with all domains in the four figure range:

ftw.org 7,500 USD
ahmad.org 6,000 USD
uhr.org 5,000 EUR
centrifuge.tech 2,999 USD
third.net 2,508 USD
zug.info 2,000 EUR
videoslots.bet 2,000 USD
saloon.org 2,000 USD

Sedo continues to deliver great sales in 2020, despite the Coronavirus onslaught!

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