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#Sedo : Domain sales report for May 10, 2021 — Volka.com at $54000

Sedo domain sales report: Top sale is that of Volka.com at an astounding $54,000 dollars!

Welcome to the latest domain sales report by Sedo; this time we cover the week ending on May 10, 2021. This information has been provided by Sedo.com, kind sponsors of DomainGang.

The Sedo marketplace sells great domains 24/7 providing a great service. Sedo established its 100% home-based operations early last year; don’t’ miss the Sedo @ Home interview!

This report contains 8 domains sold at five figures as seen below – dot .com only:

volka.com 54,000 USD
hina.com 50,000 USD
simplextrading.com 28,000 USD
apexnews.com 18,000 USD
flashstream.com 10,000 USD
pornsocket.com 10,000 USD
coinbvase.com 10,000 USD
voye.com 10,000 USD

Sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP, but are converted in USD for ranking purposes.

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts of $2000 dollars and up:

sportsbonuses.com 9,995 USD
pixelpimps.com 9,500 USD
goldguide.com 8,000 USD
okstaff.com 8,000 USD
profilog.com 7,900 USD
albajob.com 5,501 USD
digitalmoment.com 5,500 USD
detrans.com 5,000 USD
soundshare.com 5,000 USD
fantasytrade.com 4,995 USD
givvo.com 4,995 USD
digisaurus.com 4,950 USD
partnero.com 4,930 USD
marrones.com 4,000 USD
worldfashion.com 3,800 USD
dental21.com 3,199 USD
allreco.com 3,000 EUR
ltbh.com 3,000 USD
squarebrain.com 3,000 USD
happycappy.com 3,000 USD
luckyfox.com 3,000 USD
plantsthatproduce.com 2,999 USD
quadroshop.com 2,900 EUR
leonhardweiss.com 2,899 USD
lulab.com 2,800 EUR
justinmurray.com 2,799 USD
thebobblehead.com 2,778 USD
online-wedding.com 2,588 USD
condomeet.com 2,500 EUR
casinoporn.com 2,500 USD
suboxonenearme.com 2,475 USD
bentrio.com 2,400 EUR
streetcoin.com 2,300 USD
vupra.com 2,130 USD
tosing.com 2,050 USD
trustmatrix.com 2,000 USD
copycap.com 2,000 USD
zenigma.com 2,000 USD

This Sedo sales report continues with ccTLD sales, with 3 domains in the five figure range:

ge.de 18,000 EUR
scout.vc 15,000 EUR
coders.io 10,000 USD
dataiku.jp 9,800 USD
task.it 9,000 EUR
luckland.de 6,000 EUR
jw.to 5,999 EUR
gostudent.nl 5,500 EUR
sk8.es 5,000 EUR
diedrich.de 5,000 EUR
european.ai 5,000 EUR
sharenow.ch 4,950 EUR
possible.io 4,800 USD
bockshop.de 4,500 EUR
uic.io 3,999 USD
immo-tipp.de 3,500 EUR
foodfair.de 3,466 EUR
ifdq.de 3,466 USD
sound.es 3,010 EUR
frw.ch 2,990 EUR
internetworld.ch 2,880 EUR
mein-event.de 2,618 EUR
volu.co 2,500 EUR
easymining.de 2,500 EUR
portugalreisen.de 2,480 EUR
smi.io 2,200 USD
palue.de 2,023 EUR
promos.io 2,000 USD

And lastly, the Sedo sales report provides sales of other types of TLDs, with all domains in the four figure range:

zef.org 8,800 USD
zri.org 8,800 USD
statistics.org 5,000 USD
innovation.team 2,799 USD
pistachio.org 2,053 USD

Sedo continues its great course in 2021 at the beginning of Q2/2021, delivering great results for its domain name sellers and buyers.

Statement from Sedo: This public report does not include confidential sales many of which exceed the values of our publicly reported sales. Also, only public sales of 2,000 USD and up are included in this report.

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