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Sedo domains : Bro, need some TWAG?

If you need some TWAG, we can help with dat, bro.

What the hell is TWAG anyhow?

TWAG is a trending new acronym, standing for “Tech Wives And Girlfriends” – a term describing the perfect 10 ladies being “captured” by hotshot tech stars.

The TWAG term is a spin-off of WAG, used to describe the fashionable women dating sports stars.

Venture capitalists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs aren’t less men than their NBA and NFL counter-parts!

How would you use “TWAG” in a phrase? Some examples follow.

Eastern European TWAG.

Eastern European TWAG.

  • Damn, have you seen Morgan’s TWAG? She’s amazing.
  • I attend ICANN meetings for the international TWAG.
  • He’s a total Valley geek with a taste for the best TWAG.
  • If you want the TWAG, better sport expensive swag.

Now it’s your chance to get some TWAG, as the matching domain, TWAG.com, is available at Sedo.

Minimum asking price is $1,000 dollars and it’s definitely a clean, pronounceable LLLL .com, with the added bonus of being a viral keyword.

Not to mention, it was registered in 2000.

At a time when prices for “Western premiums” are falling, this is a great choice, bro. 😉

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One Response to “Sedo domains : Bro, need some TWAG?”
  1. MrVg says:

    My butlers got a twag

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