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Sedo #GreatDomains : August 2019 #domain auction results topped by Upgrades.com

Sedo’s bimonthly GreatDomains auction for August / September 2019, has come to an end – here are the results as provided by Sedo, kind sponsors of DomainGang.

Note: Sales over $10,000 are bolded.

upgrades.com 32000 $US
dne.com 26666 $US
hvw.com 12000 $US
iyw.com 11100 $US
cafe.tw 10100 $US
movie.tw 10100 $US
meel.com 8500 $US
lack.de 4999 EUR
entrepreneur.info 1999 EUR
ssha.com 1205 $US
backzeit.de 990 EUR
rigt.com 950 $US
geht.com 910 EUR
baif.com 775 $US
scno.com 676 $US
tsge.com 646 $US
ptmt.com 561 $US
blpo.com 510 $US
qualitystore.com 509 $US
guess.uk 499 GBP
electricista24.com 199 EUR

Sedo offers the GreatDomains auction – now every 2nd month.

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of these domains, and if you’re interested in our picks you can view them here.


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