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Sedo introduces Domain Brand Protection service with monthly reports

Sedo is introducing a Domain Brand Protection service, complementing its existing range of domain-related services.

The Domain Protection Service presents itself as follows:

“The release of hundreds of new domain extensions and the increasing complexity of international markets make it harder than ever to monitor and protect your company’s brand online.”

The new Sedo service aims to achieve the following goals on behalf of domain and brand owners:

  • Provide live alerts – If a domain containing the customer’s brand name gets registered, an email alert is sent immediately.
  • Generate monthly reports – All protected, taken, and free domains are shown at a glance, including a domain health check.
  • Identify contact details – See who is interfering with a brand name and take action.

For more information on the Sedo Domain Brand Protection report, visit sedo.com/protection.

You can also watch a short educational video below:

Disclosure: Sedo is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. We present news and information about their services, which we also use.

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2 Responses to “Sedo introduces Domain Brand Protection service with monthly reports”
  1. Dono says:

    That is so cool, so now they will increase UDRP’s on everyone, hey ma look someone has a similar name than my .info , they have the .com let’s udrp the wipo out of them. Why in the world would they offer this. Brand protection meaning if you have something similar you be in biggie trouble my little friend

  2. DomainGang says:

    Dono – Stay away from trademarks and you should be fine. Not to mention, a lot of domain investors own brands and trademarks that will benefit from this type of reports.

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