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#Sedo sales report : #Domains sold during the week of 5/1/2018 – 5/7/2018

Sedo personnel was enjoying an extra holiday last week, so the company delayed releasing their sales reports; the delay was due to the German holiday of Ascension Day on May 10th.

Welcome to the weekly edition of reporting on the Sedo domain sales; this time we cover the week between May 1st – May 7th, 2018.

This information is provided courtesy of Sedo.com, sponsors of DomainGang.

Only a few big sales this week, with just the top 3 domains in the five figure range for .com, and in particular:

easternunion.com 18000 USD
heliostechnologies.com 15000 USD
brandmates.com 10000 USD

Keep in mind that sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP. If only Sedo showed all sales in Bitcoin! 🙂

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts of $2000 and up:

okcareer.com 9800 USD
lightvision.com 9851 USD
oursong.com 6800 USD
churchalive.com 6500 USD
recruits.com 5000 USD
athleteschoice.com 5000 USD
memberly.com 4999 USD
canalpro.com 5000 USD
brandedtoken.com 5000 USD
icelandadventures.com 5000 USD
upower.com 5000 USD
epigenetica.com 3900 EUR
foxcash.com 4500 USD
ewallet365.com 4299 USD
hwplus.com 4000 USD
previewed.com 3750 USD
interbitcoin.com 3500 USD
ultrakorea.com 3500 USD
driverdispatch.com 3499 USD
employmentcontracts.com 2995 USD
apop.com 2999 USD
hedbox.com 2999 USD
mrnow.com 2800 USD
link-link.com 2100 EUR
18summers.com 2500 USD
af-8.com 2500 USD
pilotacademy.com 2500 USD
magnatouch.com 2500 USD
magicearth.com 2325 USD
payento.com 2199 USD
ersu.com 2000 USD
bybit.com 2000 USD
labradar.com 2000 USD

Continuing with ccTLD sales, which maxed out at 4 figures:

weltkirche.de 7999 EUR
ubg.cn 7999 USD
growlight.ca 5500 USD
augmentedreality.co 5000 USD
soneo.de 4000 EUR
pb.eu 2650 GBP
umsatzsteigerung.de 2998 EUR
seri.ch 2500 EUR
feri.ch 2490 EUR
lvn.io 2999 USD
dust.me 2500 USD
conscience.ai 2400 USD

And lastly, sales of other types of TLDs, in the four figure range:

jiami.org 4999 EUR
qq.biz 5000 USD
nurd.net 4500 USD
ikigai.net 3880 USD
vans.org 3388 USD

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