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Sedo to start charging domain owners for ad relevancy

Sedo to offer a brand new service this week

Sedo to offer a brand new service this week

Boston, Masachussetts – UPNI

Sedo, the world’s largest pay per click monetization provider for domain portfolios, has announced that it will start charging domain owners for ad relevancy on their parking pages.

Nicholas Shumellpfeifer, chief marketing executive of Sedo in Dusseldorf, Germany explained via the phone that Sedo had been planning to launch this new service for months now.

“It is very, very efficient, for us to provide relevancy, very  very efficient. And that’s a bonus for loyal customer we keep for years now, and relevancy in ads is important, yes? So we offer this paid service and the more you pay, the more accurate and relevant the ads displayed will be. “

Asked whether this is truly an innovation or a blatant method to withhold more money from domain portfolio owners, Nicholas defended the decision of the corporation’s HQ in Germany, by stating that other companies, such as Parked.com have been doing this for months now, under the pretext of TQ score and clawbacks.

“And this is very, very important, yes? That we are also transparent about monetization. Sooooo, the most relevant ads will appear only after the Sedo customer pays a small fee, just like famous eBay do with the listings, yes? Very, very important to show correct ads from Google. If not pay, customer will see some generic viagra or dating ads. It’s future of monetization and PPC, yes?”

Sedo has not yet announced whether customers will need to pre-fund their accounts with euro, pounds sterling or US dollars in order for the ads to be displayed; in the coming days, Sedo plans to announce additional services that equalize the balance with other PPC providers.

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2 Responses to “Sedo to start charging domain owners for ad relevancy”
  1. This seems quite stupid on Sedo’s part – if they show irrelevant ads, people won’t click as much and they’ll generate less revenue. Sounds like a classic example of a company thinking it’s grown too big to care about it’s customers any more. That’s fine though, every big company gone stupid is an opportunity for a smarter one to fill the void.

  2. “Nicholas Shumellpfeifer,” ROFL

    People want to develop their domains these days… Sedo can keep the pennies themselves. No need to pay for such service even in a dream!

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