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SeniorCare, OHH and more than 400 LLLL .com domains at Brannans

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

Brannan‘s is becoming the quintessential domain newsletter to follow these days; the daily list of goodies includes mainly .com domains, but also .net and .org.

Today’s dispatch includes several quality names, and we picked the following:

  • SeniorCare.com – $199,000
  • OHH.com – $38,000
  • GuitarSchool.com – $9,900
  • FinancialIssues.com – $8,000
  • Purifiers.net – $1,200
  • AcousticBass.net – $1,500

Along with these come more than 400 four letter (LLLL) .com domains that we cannot possibly list here. There are dozens more of discounted domains, and their domain inventory is updated daily.

Just head over to Brannans to sign up or to place your offer; if it’s reasonable, we’re sure that David Clements will accept it.

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One Response to “SeniorCare, OHH and more than 400 LLLL .com domains at Brannans”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    GuitarSchool.com seems well priced

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