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Septic Domains introducing “Forever And A Day” registrations

Domain industry underdogs, Septic Domains, announced a brand new service today, aimed at investors that intend to live forever.

Named “Forever And A Day,” the Septic Domains service is revolutionary, as it takes care of one important thing affecting domainers in life: domain death.

The other issue, taxes, remains unchallenged, but that will also be taken care of by Septic Domains, as they will pay your ICANN fee too.

Says the Septic Domains CEO, Bob Teras:

“By adding one day to ‘forever’ we are tackling eternity, as it applies to domain investors. This is not a philosophical question, we honestly do plan to renew your precious and crappy domains until the second coming of Jesus has completed.”

“Our approach is in line with the bureaucratic processes at ICANN,” said Rob Teras, adding: “Those folks will take forever to decide on key matters, such as WHOIS privacy and GDPR, so we are adding one extra day, to cover the domain assets of our customers – yes, we are that good!”

Septic Domains is the world’s fastest growing registrar, offering a variety of add-on services for free.

Its customers can receive reports on who had a fleeting thought about registering their domain, a service called Domain Minority Report. Customers can also order three flavors of french fries to be delivered with every new gTLD – at no additional cost.

To enroll in the “Forever And A Day” service visit Septic.Domains.

Forever And A Day by Septic Domains – Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

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