Did Sergei Putanov buy the Domaining.com domain news aggregator ?

Sergei Putanov - Russian billionaire investor.

Sergei Putanov – Russian billionaire investor.

It’s not a secret that Domaining.com and its assorted aggregator services have been sold; Francois Carrillo extended the suspense period, from Monday to “at the end of next week”, in a comment he left on DomainGang.

Some rumors that Uniregistry is involved were quickly shot down, once our correspondent in Moscow, Nikolai Domienenko had a quick conversation with the Russian domain investor, Sergei Putanov.

Nikolai Domienenko: Hello Sergei, did you or did you not purchase Domaining.com, the world wants to know?

Sergei Putanov: Interesting question. But why answer and break surprise of Francois? In mother Russia we say, the fish tumble boat if large. Which mean news big so let’s wait for result come.

Nikolai: I understand you are a serious domain investor and have spent millions of dollars on real estate and digital real estate. If you bought Domaining.com, what will be your plans?

Sergei: Listen, we play game now? So if did it, I make change. Will put large ad of women from Ukraine show leg and 1-900 number I own. Men click, I make money, easy?

Nikolai: Sergei, there are women domainers as well, wouldn’t that be an act of sexism?

Sergei: Look I know women agree man take business, in mother Russia man is king so why change? If show ad banner boobs, beautiful woman are proud, no problem.

Nikolai: I believe you’d face a lot of criticism, Sergei. Is this the only way you’d monetize Domaining.com ?

Sergei: No of course not, show gambling ad, caviar ad, perfume for womans. And if not visitor click, I break leg.

Nikolai: Sergei, you are definitely a very strong business man, how would breaking the legs of non-clicking visitors retain the current viewership of Domaining.com ?

Sergei: Of course break leg, Domaining service no free. And if bloggers write not nice, I break blogger leg too.

Nikolai: So in the event that you have bought Domaining.com, a lot of changes in the content are to be expected, correct?

Sergei: Yes. Click ad banner or break leg.

Nikolai: Thank you, Sergei, we will have to wait until the end of next week to find out if indeed you bought Domaining.com.


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  1. Sridhar Raj says:

    Hilarious! with Image Copyright πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for the full details – would like to announce it on my own blog as well http://www.dotdotBLOG.com .. With the guessing game on the sale price and valuation buzz in forums underway it should be interesting definitely not a Russian-French collaboration in the works!

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