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Sergei Putanov from Russian Bear Investments: I will miss Rick Schwartz

Russian Bear Investments CEO, Sergei Putanov.

Billionaire domain investor and Russian Bear Investments CEO, Sergei Putanov issued a statement earlier today regarding Rick Schwartz’s decision to retire from domain blogging.

Speaking at a corporate conference in Ekaterinburg, Russia, the self-made billionaire announced the following:

“I hear news Rick Schwartz quit blogging. Very sad with news. I learn from Schwartz the meaning “pigeon shit”. And never looked back. A miss, great. I propose make Schwartz king of Russian Bear Investments and honor speak at next meeting. In very minutes I leave have lunch but first quick sex Ukrainian prostitute, then talk business. Mission accomplished!”

Sergei Putanov is known for his interest in foreign affairs, often traveling to Dubai-Florida, a $3.6 billion dollar (adjusted for inflation) land development mega-project.

The Russian multi-billionaire also likes Cuban cigars and dark caviar and prefers his women to be long-legged, blonde and buxom, preferably Ukrainian. He also often breaks the legs of those that attempt to screw him over financially.

“Rick best friend with domain. Investment Russia always good and telephone Rick for give advice when decide invest. I miss his blog and maybe try change  mind. Ya tebya lyublyu, Rick! “, added Sergei Putanov amidst applauds, as the shareholders’ meeting concluded.

Sergei Putanov’s influence in domaining is thus increasing, after his expressed support of the .жжж and Dot .Communism gTLDs, along with the launch of the Meet Me in Russia dating web site that has reached huge success internationally.


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  1. I must be gullible because I almost believed this. Heh!

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