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Sergei Putanov : Now Kremlin controls the Internet, stupids!

Sergei Putanov - Russian billionaire investor.

Sergei Putanov – Russian billionaire investor.

The unthinkable has happened, and United States, the de facto overseer of the Internet no longer offers its stewardship.

After almost five decades, the US handed over control to the United Nations thanks to an obscure ICANN committee that fought hard to promote “the multi-stakeholder model.

Russian billionaire domain investor, Sergei Putanov, responded to the news appearing from his Yekaterinburg dacha rather pleased.

The colorful president and CEO of Russian Bear Investments, stated:

“Obama weak, he no longer American president. I hopes peoples see what stupids they vote. For me, great news, and now Internet control by Russia. Easy for me now trade oil, domain and land in Dubai. Also caviar and prostitute, I like. Who talk bad about me, will break both leg.”

Such demonstration of Internet bravado will become more common in the coming weeks, months and years, as the Oligarchs of Russia, along with the Communists of China will take over the last remaining bastion of free Capitalism: the Internet.

When asked for advice for domain investors, Sergei Putanov did not mince his words:

“Stupids Americans will see fail .com and now Russia, with Kremlin support make .RU glory. It’s game over, buddy!”

Domain investors eager to switch from .COM to .RU domains are advised to wait a few months, until the market settles.

Meanwhile, reports of IP routing going through Kremlin for all connections, including Facebook, PornHub and Domaining.com are still under investigation.

We will publish our findings soon.

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One Response to “Sergei Putanov : Now Kremlin controls the Internet, stupids!”
  1. Ron says:

    First china is already in the competition of buying domain names and now Russia comes into actions.

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