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Sergei Putanov: Why I offered $900 million for the Castello domains

Domain investor, Sergei Putanov, hearing the bad news from ICANN.

Domain investor, Sergei Putanov.

Sergei Putanov, the Russian multi-billionaire real estate and domain investor, needs no introduction; the eccentric oligarch often engages in non-traditional investments.

After buying the Greek Skorpios island, Sergei Putanov was involved in a much publicized lawsuit over the domain Moscow.plumbing; now he’s back and ready to make waves once again.

Our correspondent in Russia, Nikolai Domienenko spoke  with the Russian oligarch, Sergei Putanov:

Nikolai Domienenko: Sergei, yesterday it was announced that the Castello Brothers, Michael and David, are selling a domain portfolio of premium domain names for $1.2 billion dollars. Why did you make an offer today?

Sergei Putanov: Very correct, $1.2 billion dollar is asking price, but in business you don’t offer full price, or go broke. So I place offer, $900 million dollar for Castello Brother domain. Invest and expand, Russian economy not bad like America and obamacare.

Nikolai Domienenko: Do you think that the Castello Brothers will accept your offer of $900 million dollars? That’s 25% less than what they want for the domain portfolio.

Sergei Putanov: What want is astronomical, it’s entire budget for Uzbekistan. I visit there, nice caviar and healthy prostitute, but money ask Castello need some cutting. I offer connection to Russian market for make more business like ballistic missile arms trade and Castello Brother visit in winter.

Nikolai Domienenko: Sergei, is it true that you are enamored with Bree, the lead singer and wife of David Castello?

Sergei Putanov: No man stay indifferent to great smile, or boob. But, as I say, in Mother Russia we have Pussy Riot, mega group nice women in rock. I buy CD often. Bree, is nice. I respect David choice of woman. But business is money, and my offer $900 million for domain, no woman.

Nikolai Domienenko: Is there room for higher prices for domain portfolios in the future?

Sergei Putanov: I biggest domain investor, bigger than Mike Mann, so yes, if pocket is deep, I get domain for cash. Invest that’s why, in oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, caviar and Ukrainian brothels. Not just domains.

Nikolai Domienenko: Sergei, many thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain, once again.

Sergei Putanov: Is no problem. I go now, meeting for telephone Castello Brother and arrange Skype.

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