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Set .org : An aged three letter #domain has crashed into 2019!

It’s incredible: Set.org, a single word, three letter domain originally registered in 1996, expired and dropped.

These days, DropCatch manages to catch most of the good domain names that drop, most often beating SnapNames.

Set.org now has a registration date of 1/8/2019 and it’s being auctioned at DropCatch with two days to go.

It’s receiving multiple bids already, as 43 bidders have placed 64 bids so far, and the top bid currently stands at $1,369 dollars.

This is a premium, single word .ORG that was once owned by Mr. Roy Fang of Taiwan.

It is unclear why Mr. Fang allowed the domain to lapse and drop. Set.org was registered with Australian domain registrar, Instra. For some reason, its DNS had been with OnlyDomains.com, a New Zealand based domain registrar.

Perhaps Mr. Roy Fang didn’t receive notifications about the domain’s imminent expiration, and Set.org entered redemption status in mid December.

Set.org should end in high four figures at the DropCatch auction, perhaps higher!

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