Seven better alternatives to .PW domains

The launch of .pw domains to much fanfare would have gone without much of a mention – if it weren’t for the reference to “Professional Web”.

What a poor & weak sales pitch; we were left speechless by the acronym rationale.

The “Professional Web” uses .com, and will continue to do so; in fact, there are numerous alternative TLDs to .pw that work better for that purpose.

  • .Net, .Org : always the second best choices if the .com is taken.
  • .Co – There’s a reason this start-up sweetheart just announced 1.5 million registrations.
  • .Me – If it’s all about “you”, then Montenegro has the solution for your needs.
  • .biz – It’s ok if you’re a soccer mom selling your worn panties on eBay.
  • .info – If you’re German, you want ‘das info, und schnell!
  • ccTLDs – Your own country ccTLD works wonders but you might be losing global exposure.
  • .XXX – If you’re even loosely related to the adult entertainment industry, then hell yeah! 😀

It might sound harsh, but “PW” stands for “pigeon weed”, more than “professional web.”

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4 Responses to “Seven better alternatives to .PW domains”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    hehehe… you said loosely related. 😛

  2. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – That’s what she said!

  3. kerry says:

    should have been ‘private web’

  4. says:

    You’re gonna make some enemies with this post!

    You may be right about .pw unless you’re a Professional Wrestler or a Pregnant Women selling Pocket Watches to Palau – then you will be Proved Wrong!

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