Seven Mile : Where the heck is Frank Schilling’s #domain blog?

A decade ago, Frank Schilling started blogging about domain names and life in general.

His blog was based on the domain name, a reference to the Seven Mile Beach on the Grand Cayman.

Over the next seven years, Frank Schilling continued to blog occasionally at various intervals, sharing his thoughts on events that were current at the time.

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

Starting a blog does not require a daily output to justify its purpose. It’s all dependent on the needs of its writer, and whether they derive satisfaction from the literary output, or from the feedback they receive for their musings.

It’s also a matter of having free time to blog!

Around 2014, Frank’s Seven Mile blog stopped being written, coinciding with the launch of Domain Name Sales and Uniregistry. Currently, the domain name does not even resolve, although it’s still in the possession of the Uniregistry founder.

If you want to read Frank’s old blog posts, you’ll have to resort to the pages. Before converting to WordPress, Frank Schilling’s blog used Typepad, and here are the oldest posts we could find.

These days, the founder of Uniregistry is pretty busy, hinting of big days ahead for “Uni” – a new pet name for Uniregistry, which can be accessed from

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One Response to “Seven Mile : Where the heck is Frank Schilling’s #domain blog?”
  1. Rywell says:

    My guess is that the blog came down cause it was filled with terrific posts arguing that .com will take over the world. Later on, Frank apparently saw value in Fool’s Gold, the new gtlds. Many of the old posts contradict the snake oil he now sells so they needed to come down. Unfortunately for him, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet.

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