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Seven with #Sedo : #Crypto auction brings #blockchain domains to the masses

Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, is having a crypto domains auction, between September 13 and 20.

The auction spans through the days of MERGE! 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Sedo members submitted their best domains for the auction, based on a number of qualifying characteristics.

There are 170 such domains per our last count, and we picked seven that stand out – in our opinion. Some of them are loosely linked to the crypto market, as they can be used for various others.

Here’s our “Seven with Sedo” selection, the crypto edition:

  • Holding.com – Whether you are hodling or holding, this generic domain has crypto usage. Low six figure reserve, in euro.
  • INS.com – A scalable blockchain-based platform with its own ICO, that just so happens to be a three letter .com. Reserve is in the low six figures USD.
  • Minings.com – Generic term related to the forging of crypto currencies via the solving of math problems. Reserve is in the four figure range USD.
  • Signed.com – Digital, signed tracking is part of the blockchain protocol. This generic has a high five figure reserve USD.
  • TheCrypto.com – Nice domain for a blockchain publication or discussion platform. Reserve: low five figures USD.
  • Tokens.org – Great keyword, for a market that uses .org domains extensively. Reserve is at mid/high five figures.
  • CoinLogic.com – Nice two word domain related to the crypto market; it’d make a terrific brand. Reserve: high four figures USD.

View the full crypto domain inventory at Sedo.com.

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