Seven with #Sedo : Domains coming up on the #GreatDomains auction for October

GreatDomains is a 7-day long auction by Sedo, our premium sponsor, from October 17 – 24, featuring an eclectic selection of domain names.

These domains on auction are carefully curated, and this time around we have more than 135 domains included on the list. The Sedo GreatDomains auction takes place every other month.

Sounds like a domain auction that’ll produce great results, particularly since is included! 🙂

Get ready for our selection of “Seven with Sedo” – our personal, unbiased selection from the domains at the auction.

Sedo offers the GreatDomains auction – now every 2nd month.

Note: Neither Sedo, or the owners of these domains have had any influence in our selection.

  • – A superb generic domain registered in 1992. Reserve is in the 250k-499k range USD.
  • – A category defining domain, for the musically inclined. Reserve is in the 1k-5k Euro.
  • – In the era of digital money, this is a great brandable. Reserve is in the 25k-49k USD.
  • – Great generic for a class of shoes that ladies will go crazy about. Reserve is in the 100-499 USD range.
  • – Terrific letters for anything related to “FM” radio. Reserve is in the 25k-49k range USD.
  • – Game index domains can generate lots of revenue, and racing games are very popular. Reserve is in the 50k – 99k Euro.
  • – A great brand for ready made salad services! Reserve is in the 10k – 24k GBP.

View the full Sedo inventory at the GreatDomains auction for October 2019.

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