Seven with Sedo: GreatDomains auction features and more!

Sedo operates GreatDomains, a bi-monthly auction of top tier domain names. The ongoing GreatDomains auction takes place from April 21, to April 28, 2022 and features many great domains.

We picked 7 domain names from the list to feature them in yet another edition of “Seven with Sedo“; neither Sedo—our premium sponsor—or the domain owners influenced our selection.

Here’s the list:

  • – In the US we hold the Constitution high and its amendments too. Registered in 1995, it comes with a reserve of up to $99,999 dollars.
  • – A great three letter domain with many acronym uses, e.g. Need More Registrations. 🙂 Registered in 1997, it arrives with a reserve of up to $249,999 dollars.
  • – Need a less expensive LLL .com? This one has some clean letters and a reserve that tops at $49,999 dollars.
  • – Stock market, crypto, or real estate? It’s a mess out there, we all need a finance guide and that’s the matching .com. Reserve tops off at 24,999 British pounds. Use a finance guide to convert that to dollars!
  • – Mother’s Day is coming soon, get a sparkling item for your Mom. This 16 year old domain has a surprisingly low reserve that maxes out at 999 euro.
  • – We like domain hacks and this domain from Argentina reads as “tear” – use your imagination and use it as a great new brand. Reserve is up to 999 euro.
  • – A nice two word domain with lots of potential as an app name or for AI-assisted car hardware. Elon, interested? Reserve drives up to 499 euro.

View the full list of the GreatDomains portfolio in auction at Sedo.

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