Seven with Sedo : Keyword #domain auction has started!

Sedo, our premium sponsor, has rolled out a fresh auction of keyword domains; the auction takes place January 21-28, featuring an eclectic selection of domain names. They are all listed with a 99 (USD/EUR/GBP) reserve.

What are keyword domains? Basically, English dictionary single and two worders, in a variety of TLDs and ccTLDs.

This time around we have at least 162 domain names on that list. We picked 7 domains from that list, for this edition of “Seven with Sedo” and neither Sedo nor the domain owners influenced our decision.

Here we go:

  • – Graet dmain for a vareety of reasons; it makes sens, as there’s more than 1 error in this sentence!
  • – Whether it’s the ones for your hair or the ones for your feet, rollers are back and this domain is ready to roll.
  • – Parents spend a fortune on baby toys, particularly during the pandemic, so this one is a non-brainer.
  • – Let the good times roll, and once the pandemic is over you’ll be putting on your best biker shoes for a night out to faraway bars.
  • – Damn you, Covid-19! All the cocktail drinks one can have are soon coming back. Get me an old fashioned soon!
  • – Whether it’s about the clothes or the sauce, dressing makes things more spicy.
  • – If you buy this one you can make the ultimate domainers club and invite Elliot, the Domain King, Mike Mann, and others to it. 😀

Peruse the full domain inventory of the Sedo Keyword auction for January 2021 click here.

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