Seven with #Sedo : This #GreatDomains auction features generics, and more!

Sedo offers the GreatDomains auction

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is about to have its bi-monthly Great Domains auction, and this time around it’s all about generic domains, and more.

Bidding on quality domains has never been easier, and Sedo keeps domain investors and end-users motivated.

We’re here to pick a small sample of the domains to be auctioned for the week starting tomorrow Thursday, August 20th.

Here’s our edition of “Seven with Sedo” and you’re welcome to share your favorite domain name from the list.

  • – The future is airborne, and this is your chance to get a great “network” domain. Reserve: low five figures USD.
  • – Some domain investments might cost you a lot of pain. Here’s the cure! Reserve: mid/high five figures USD.
  • – The fourth quarter of 2020 will bring a lot of turmoil. Get ready for it. Reserve: low/mid four figures USD.
  • – Everyone’s favorite meal is the quintessential reason Americans get fat. Whatever. Reserve: low/mid five figures USD, and a free cheeseburger.
  • – Three letters are always en vogue. Great Domains Only! Reserve: low/mid five figures EUR.
  • – We’d do anything for love, and this domain is very catchy. Reserve: low/mid four figures USD. <3
  • – Great financial/mortgage loan keyword. Registered in 2009, with a reserve in the mid five figure range USD.

Note: This is our own selection, and we’re not influenced by Sedo or the domain owners.

Check out the full list of the Great Domains auction inventory.

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