Seven years later: You can buy the #domain on GoDaddy

Domain entrepreneur, Daniel Negari, made waves seven years ago when he listed his namesake .com domain,, for sale on NameJet.

The XYZ founder and CEO most likely bet on his name’s unique qualities: anyone bidding would have to be a …relative. 😀

The auction’s results were questioned but at the time, NameJet’s GM, Jonathan Tenenbaum, confirmed that domain had sold.

How much did it sell for?

According to NameBio, the domain sold for a paltry $1,800 dollars at the time, exactly 7 years ago. The auction’s winner is unverifiable. is now listed for sale on Afternic, with a BIN price of $30,000 dollars. Whoah. You can still make an offer of at least $10,000 dollars – which would make sense if your last name is Negari.

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