Several valuable domains reportedly stolen from Moniker accounts

Following on the heels of a recent password reset at Moniker, comes the apparent theft of domains from Moniker accounts.

We were contacted by a party that wants to remain anonymous at this point, involving the theft of several valuable domains that they own; these are numerical and LLL .coms.

After some research, it’s evident that others have been affected as well; the domain thieves moved domains out of the Moniker account of domain investor Elequa, founder of Future Media Architects (FMA).

The theft appears to have occurred between September 23rd and October 3rd; it involves at least three high profile domains that we could identify:,, and

Not surprisingly, Elequa moved as many as 100,000 domains to Uniregistry, away from other registrars, including Moniker, just a couple of days after the theft occurred.

Could this mass exodus be related to the domain theft?

If you want to report your domains stolen, here are some guidelines in order to achieve media coverage about the incident.

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