Sex sells, so how much did ѕех.com sell for?

Is it real sex if the word is fake?

Sex sells, and on the Internet there is a massive amount of it. There is sex everywhere, even on!

Sedo auctioned off ѕех.com recently, and although this particular domain auction was for an IDN domain, it attracted lots of bids still.

So how much did it end up selling for?

After a total of 44 bids the domain sold for $4,600 dollars, according to the official results page.

Not bad for an apparently Cyrillic IDN domain! 😀

Time to take a poll.

Would you have spent $4,600 for this IDN "sex" domain?

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3 Responses to “Sex sells, so how much did ѕех.com sell for?”
  1. DnEbook says:

    LOL fakesexnews is available

  2. elevator says:

    This IDN domains will cause a lot of problem. The domain will only give more traffic to the real sex and does not worth the $4600. No, not at all for me to spend such a money on IDN

  3. DJ says:

    The sale was not concluded it seems. The same name is being auctioned off on Sedo, once again. I feel sorry for whoever bids on this s**t.

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