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Shane and Ali : Flippa domain broker sightings ‘in the wild’

After Ali Zandi – who left Flippa to start his own project, Perception – another popular bushy bearded broker at Flippa is Shane Bellone.

Sporting a bushy beard assists with culturing a thick-skinned attitude as a domain broker, apparently. Imagine all the silly responses they get daily, from end-user buyers that offer $100 for .com generics.

Although this bushy beard look has been around for a while, as a cross between a hipster and a mujahedin, the Flippa broker guys are definitely cool about it.

Yesterday at a local mall, we came across another person with full potential to become a Flippa broker, so we snapped a photo. 😀


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5 Responses to “Shane and Ali : Flippa domain broker sightings ‘in the wild’”
  1. Shane Bellone says:

    I approve this message.

  2. Ali Zandi says:

    “A cross between a hipster and a mujahedin”

    Probably my favorite quote of all time! Haha!

  3. DomainGang says:

    Ali and Shane – You guys are awesome. A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club might be in order. 😀

  4. Shane Bellone says:

    Ironically, I do have a 1940s Gillette Super Speed and $250 silver tipped badger shaving brush. At this point, they have basically become ornaments.

  5. James Peterson says:

    James Harden is the man!!

    Now back to your regularly scheduled domain comments.

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