Shitty advice .com : #Domain owner seeks “joint venture” for 50% of profits

When you own a shitty domain such as, you might be stumped about its best use for this 2000 gem registration.

Domain investors aren’t the only ones registering domains without a plan – end users do so as well!

In the case of, the owner is apparently happy with the domain’s acquisition. He wants feedback on developing this “shitty advice” domain, and offers 50% of the first year’s profits to the best partnership idea.

I love this domain. I bought it for fun. I spent more than I probably should have on it. I also have server space!

Here’s the deal. If you want to help me build it into something cool, I’ll give you 50% of the first year’s earnings. (I’m willing to put this into writing and possibly extend the deal to a full partnership if we get some traction)

Any ideas come to mind? Ideally it would be something that can make a few bucks. But even if the concept is just a GREAT idea that will get a lot of traffic, we can just put ads on the site and sell merch.

If you’re interested, just send a brief description of your idea. If your idea is like another website, please include a link. The deal is, you help me build it, we split the profits.


The offer of 50% of profit sharing for the first year of the project’s lifespan is a great manifestation of shitty advice. A sane investor would want the split to occur after the project is established and profitable – not when it’s unknown and barely makes any money!

What a load of shitty advice! 😀

Either way, check out this amazing opportunity on Craigslist; kudos to Chris G. for sending us the link. is open to joint ventures

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2 Responses to “Shitty advice .com : #Domain owner seeks “joint venture” for 50% of profits”
  1. John Berryhill says:

    I can think of a couple of law firms that specialize in this area. Maybe they’d be interested in lead generation

  2. DomainGang says:

    John – LOLOLOL

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