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Shocking decision: ChatRoulette becomes trademarked!

ChatRoulette.com – The Internet’s masturbatorium.

In a shocking reversal of the decision – as we detailed it less than two weeks ago – the USPTO has given the green light for the registration of ChatRoulette as a trademark.

Apparently, the legal mumbo-jumbo that hindered the registration of the popular word, ChatRoulette, was minimal after all.

The trademark registrants are based in Switzerland and we are not yet sure whether they are directly related to the Internet’s top destination for serial masturbators.

ChatRoulette.com gained notoriety for its open access by flashers and exhibitionists that often shocked unsuspecting – and underage – visitors.

Ever since traffic reached its peak about 10 months ago, ChatRoulette has lost a lot of visitors; apparently, those that used to bash the bishop on a regular basis.

We will definitely keep an eye on the final stages of the trademark registration, which is scheduled to be published for opposition in the January 25, 2011 issue of the USPTO gazette.

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