Sieben mit #Sedo: German keyword #domains in live auction

Sedo has a huge footprint in Europe as a domain aftermarket platform.

Our premium sponsor auctions off domains to millions of Europeans and the latest active auction has a German keyword theme.

Almost 250 German words are being auctioned in a variety of TLDs, such as .com, .net, .org and of course, .de. You will also find .ch and .at domains, for Switzerland and Austria respectively.

All of the domains in the auction have a 99 euro reserve. We picked seven domains for this edition’s “Sieben mit Sedo” (Seven with Sedo.) 😀

  • – Avocados are great providers of good fat, in any language!
  • Kalorien .org – Calories, a great name for those that eat avocados.
  • – Christian, for the followers of Jesus; great religious domain.
  • Bierkasten .net – A case of beer, because it’s a drink you can’t live without in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.
  • Hü – Pretty, with the proper spelling; it’s an IDN domain and Germans love umlauts.
  • Tschüss .com – Goodbye or bye, an informal way of parting ways. IDN domain.
  • – Saunas are very popular in Germany and northern Europe in general.

View the full inventory of German keywords currently in auction that runs until March 25th.

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