Silver lining in fee-jacking revealed

There’s a silver lining in the recent fee-jacking that users will face, apparently.

The back story: GoDaddy-owned decided to raise the fees it collects on the platform, from the current 9% to 15% beginning on February 1, 2023.

This price increase was matched by a similar increase at the Uni Market and a drop in Afternic fees by 5%.

However, the latter loses its tiered pricing schedule resulting in higher fees for high figure sales and there’s a 25% “head tax” imposed on all sales that involve domains not using a list of GoDaddy-owned nameservers.

A large number of questions rose from the slap-up job of an announcement GoDaddy sent out to soften the blow among domain investors, such as how are domains with no DNS affected. GoDaddy reps are scrambling to address those questions with answers that make sense.

And now for the “good” news: transactions will no longer carry a 2% credit card surcharge and that’s great news – for the domain buyers, that is!

Source: NamePros.

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