Six figure domain club: The $100,000 dollar sale of

As promised yesterday, the details of a six figure sale of a quality LLL .com are now being revealed, exclusively on DomainGang.

The sale of was facilitated in a private transaction via which completed recently, after attempts to sell it on Flippa did not come to fruition.

The buyer of is Greek entrepreneur and film producer, Alki David, whom we covered three years ago on DomainGang.

It’s a small world, indeed.

Alki David has appeared in films, including a 2008 motion picture, The Bank Job, in which David played a bank-vault expert hired by Jason Statham to help with a bank heist.

Mike Bahlitzanakis, founder of

Mike Bahlitzanakis, founder of

Seller Mike Bahlitzanakis took home $100,000 dollars for this domain, once again landing a tremendous domain sale, which he plans to re-invest in new domains and services.

Mike owns another superb brand,

Meanwhile, has been turned into a movie and live TV portal worth perusing, with a large variety of content available across several categories. The ETV brand is used alongside FilmOn – the production company founded by Alki David.

The $100,000 sale of places it at spot 47 of this year’s sales, according to DNJournal.

Congratulations to Mike and Alki for this strong affirmation that quality domains create quality brands.

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