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Six months later : SEO benefits of using #hashtags in #domain related posts

In late November 2017, DomainGang decided to embark on an SEO experiment: using hashtags in the post headlines.

Six months have passed since, and we have some interesting results to share.

But first, some background information on the use of hashtags.

The use of hashtags: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

By adding the hashtag symbol (#) before specific, article-related keywords, we add emphasis and reap the benefits of hashtag use in social media.

The hashtag symbol is ignored by WordPress; the canonical URL does not contain hashtags, but they are incorporated into the headline’s text.

Social media centric content is shared via the use of hashtags. By adding these symbols to the headline, it’s easier to share it, whether it’s done automatically or manually. The secret is, to use keywords that can be “hashtagged” within the actual headline, not just add hashtags after it.

After six months of sharing domain content with hashtags in the post headlines, the traffic increase was almost 20%, for the same period a year prior.

That’s a remarkable traffic increase, with minimal effort. Automatic sharing of posts on Twitter or Facebook became much easier, and third party sharing of our content incorporated the exact subject, replicating its benefits and increasing reach via the use of hashtagged headlines.

Of course, it makes sense to keep a visual balance to your hashtagged keywords, and use maybe up to four at a time, for longer headlines.

Will the hashtag feature become a fad eventually, and will it go away?

Nobody knows for sure. Social media have evolved tremendously in the past decade, and new ideas ride on new technological advancements as well.

In the future, we might not even use domain names anymore! 😀 #shockhorror

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