Big Sedo sale cost only $2,118 dollars to acquire

The domain name topped today’s weekly report of sales at Sedo. was sold for $275,000 dollars, one of two six figure sales shared by the popular domain aftermarket platform,

So what is the back story of the domain name

Registered in 2004, the domain was listed as an expired domain at NameJet, where it sold for just $2,118 dollars back in 2019. Domain investor and blogger on sabbatical, Elliot Silver, noted the acquisition:

Elliot’s find is intriguing as it shows how a two word .com domain can score such a huge return on investment in exactly 4 years’ time. Let’s try to calculate the seller’s earnings!

Assuming that negotiations took place on Sedo, the 15% fee would be $41,250 dollars. Assuming that the buyer did not pay that fee, as it’s possible, the net earnings from the sale of would be a healthy $233,750 dollars.

After subtracting an average of $9 dollars per year for 4 years’ worth of renewals and the initial acquisition cost, the seller probably netted $231,596 dollars before wire fees and other banking fees we cannot guesstimate.

That’s a ROI of 10,934.66% or about 224.11% per year, a remarkable return on investment.

The domain seller appears to be a company formed in Saint Kitts and Nevis, the only sovereign federation in the Caribbean and an apparent tax haven. The same seller also appears to be holding aged assets auctioned off on various marketplaces, such as NameJet and Dropcatch.

Interestingly, the domain existed as far back as in 1996 as a weather reporting web site, as this capture shows.

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