: Donald Trump’s taunting reference to Joe Biden is for sale

Politics are always dirty, and no presidential campaign in recent memory matches the mud-slinging levels of Donald Trump’s – both in 2016 and in 2020.

Joe Biden is leading the polls by a substantial margin, calculated at 17% by some pollsters, just 20 days before elections take place on November 3rd.

The Democratic candidate’s age – 77 – has been used by the Donald Trump campaign to suggest underlying issues about Joe Biden’s ability to serve as a president; alongside comes the moniker “Sleepy Joe” which is in reference to older men needing extra nap time, presumably.

The truth is that nothing indicates Joe Biden, a career politician with a long track record, has slowed down in responding to his duties and responsibilities. But the “Sleepy Joe” moniker is part of the rhetoric of the Donald Trump campaign.

Meanwhile, the domain name is up for sale, according to the landing page that provides a contact form. Its SSL certificate is problematic, but we took the risk for you. was registered in 2012, and its Canadian registrant owns more than 6,000 other domains. We can safely assume it’s a domain investor with an interest in politics. He also owns the domain

Such political monikers rarely make it past one campaign cycle, however.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump started using the moniker “Pocahontas” to spite Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The domain began to forward to her campaign site. It no longer does so, proving that was not sold, but was used by its registrant in the manner that they chose.

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