Smart investments: owner did not hold the #domain

In early 2018 the cryptocurrency market tanked, after a short rise in late 2017 led by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The price of Bitcoin went down and did not rise up again until 2020 – a year full of disasters including the Covid-19 pandemic.

From below $5,000 dollars in March to the current heights of over $24,000 dollars two days ago, Bitcoin fans say that BTC is to hodl.

Hodl or HODL is cryptocurrency talk for “hold” long term, the idea is that whoever owns Bitcoin they “hodl” for life.

That’s not what the registrant of the matching domain thought, apparently, when facing the 2018 crypto crisis. At the time, he upped his price seeking $575,000 dollars. That’s 24.74 BTC in today’s prices. changed hands on April 20, 2018 moving to the possession of Austrian investor, Patrick Brunner – most likely sold for less than the half a million dollar asking price.

So much for the previous owner hodling! 😀

The domain hasn’t been developed much, but its value is definitely much greater than two years ago. was sold in 2018


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  1. Hodler says: is now up for sale for $6969696.

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