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Smart Monday : Domain “snap” went from $69 to $14,488 dollars

Logan Flatt.

Logan Flatt invests in domains, knowing that he can only sell them once.

With that in mind, he approaches every inquiry with an end-user buyer in mind, and quotes prices accordingly.

In February of this year, Logan bid $69 dollars on SnapNames, for the expired domain SmartMonday.com.

According to DomainToolsthe ultimate domain tool to check WHOIS history records with – SmartMonday.com was registered as early as in 2007.

This past week, Logan Flatt sold it on the Uniregistry Market for $14,488 dollars, achieving a ROI of 20,897% in a matter of months.

Said Logan:

“More proof that you didn’t have to be buying domain names back in the heydays of the ’90s and ’00s to make good money with domain names today.

It’s just a matter of picking the right names that end users want to buy and then taking a chance on them at auction.”

Congratulations to Logan Flatt for this empowering message to domain investors worldwide!

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6 Responses to “Smart Monday : Domain “snap” went from $69 to $14,488 dollars”
  1. Fuadiansyah says:

    Did he doing outbound or just waiting for the inquiry?

  2. Logan says:

    No outbound — 100% waiting.

  3. Luc says:

    Congrats Logan.

    It appears this was a Uniregistry BIN-sale. Do you ever fear losing deals due to companies having lower budgets that the BIN-prices printed on the Uniregistry sales pages?

  4. Logan says:

    No. If a company does not have the budget, that company is not the right buyer of my domain name. I trust that another company will have the budget to buy my domain name at my price and that company will feel grateful that I wasn’t asking for even more and they were able to grab it at my BIN price with no negotiation. The key is having patience. I got lucky on this one in terms of timing.

  5. Carl says:

    Congrats Logan! Could you share why you priced this domain at $14,488 USD? Thanks!

  6. Logan says:

    Hi Carl — I priced it at $14,488 because I believed multiple corporate end users valued it even higher than $14,488 and they would be happy to buy the domain name at a relatively low price vis-a-vis their own value of it. If I had priced it at a higher price tier of, say, $34,488, I believed that at least one of those corporate end users would be less inclined to buy the domain name at that price. So, to maximize the number of happy buyers, I priced it at $14,488. Of course, my beliefs are merely speculative suppositions about corporate buying intent, but having worked with large corporations for 25 years and having looked at corporate domain name sales transactions for over 10 years, that is the price at which my experienced gut told me to price SmartMonday.com.

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