So who is NOT attending Domainfest Santa Monica?

The Playboy Mansion party this year will be missed by a certain person.

February 1st marks the day that Domainfest Global launches its 3-day conference.

Many popular domainers live in California and the conference will essentially be a homecoming event. Those that will be attending from out of state, such as domain investor and developer Elliot Silver, will be flying cross-country for the opportunity to socialize and do business.

But there is one person that will be absent from Domainfest Santa Monica and that is the – allegedly former – Moniker employee that caused a wave a month ago, when Rick Schwartz broke the scandalous news.

The anticipated absence will essentially “paint” the person who violated company rules at Oversee with a giant red laser, as his presence and interaction at past Domainfest events was praised. Apparently, after the mini-scandal at Moniker he is now persona non grata at all events organized by Oversee.

Now, keep in mind that in the next few days that same person will most likely begin to “leak” information about being tied to some other venture or that he is facing some sudden sickness during the exact days of the event.

Or will he crash the after-hours party? So how will we be able to tell who that person is?

That’s easy.

As soon as the first images from Domainfest Santa Monica hit the various domain blogs such as DNJournal, DNN or DNW that are known for their journalistic coverage of such domain conferences, we will simply compare the photos to past Domainfest events – our guy will be missing in action 😀

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