[SOLVED] Download failed.: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK

If you’re currently facing problems updating your WordPress plugins, you are not alone.


Several users that tried to update WordPress, or WordPress plugins, experienced this error:

“Download failed.: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK”

A lot of information pointed to the use of self-signed SSL certificates, apache installations with Curl and even exotic configuration settings in WordPress.

Apparently, none of this mattered.

On dedicated servers or VPS, it is common to use a pair of nameservers provided by OpenDNS. It seems that they have been quite flaky lately.

The solution:

  • Edit your /etc/resolv.conf file
  • Replace any references to OpenDNS servers (, to that of Google:,
  • Restart bind and apache

You should be then able to update WordPress and/or plugins as usual.

Many thanks to n2servers who provided the solution at the WordPress forum.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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