: A great investment opportunity!

Joe Biden’s extensive victory over sitting president, Donald Trump, remains disputed by the losing party’s hardcore loyalists, and Trump himself.

The Democrats did not deliver a “blue wave” but managed to score strategic victories. Claims of extensive fraud in states that Donald Trump failed to retain his 2016 majority are quickly discounted as mere allegations, even by Republican governors and election officers.

It appears that Donald Trump’s reaction is that of a “sore loser” and the president intends to fight his loss to the bitter end of his legal options. Hopefully, the country will survive an onslaught of economic uncertainty under the deadly spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic, through the last remaining months of the Trump administration.

While on that subject, is a domain that is currently used as a forwarder for a series of courses on success with women and life.

The domain was registered in 2003, serving as a portal to t-shirts with that message. Since 2016 it displays a static page with a banner; once clicking on it, the domain forwards to

According to that web site, Mr. Rich Celenza is a film director & producer, innovator, and overall entrepreneur. He has authored books about boosting one’s self-confidence, and shares his content on YouTube and social media.

The current use of the domain is a classic example of taking a negative term and utilizing it for positive reinforcement.

Would it be a great domain investment opportunity in this current political state? 😀


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