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South Florida Domain Pros held first meeting – Rick Schwartz and other South Floridians present


The South Florida Domains Pros chapter of domain professionals, officially launched tonight, with an inaugural meeting and a luncheon at a popular restaurant in South Florida.

South Florida Domain Pros - Photo courtesy Scott Ross.

South Florida Domain Pros – Photo courtesy Scott Ross.

The group’s first meeting was quite populous, with several prominent South Florida domainers being present; founding members Scott Ross, Tracy Seskin Fogarty and Victor Pitts were joined by Rick Schwartz, Michael Berkens and wife Judi, Howard Neu and wife Barbara and David Castello who is on a band tour with wife Bree.

We’re confident the group had a constructive first meeting and that in the next few days they will be announcing their long term and short term plans.

For more information, visit SouthFloridaDomainPros.com.

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5 Responses to “South Florida Domain Pros held first meeting – Rick Schwartz and other South Floridians present”
  1. Rob N says:

    That is a really low-quality photo for what seems to be a low-quality event, fitting!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Rob – I’m sure everyone would feel better if you showed up, but see, it wasn’t a wankers’ convention.

  3. fizz says:

    lol DG

  4. Scott Alliy says:

    Rob, I had the great pleasure of sitting with Rick Schwartz, Mike Berkens and his wife, Howard Neu and his wife. Couldn’t tell what was stronger or sweeter, the smell of the great food served to us or the smell of the money I was surrounded by.
    Powerful speech sessions by Scott Ross, Victor Pitts and others including a cameo speech from David Castello popular domain industry pioneer.
    If you missed this event you also missed a great opportunity to mingle and learn from the greats of our industry.
    Not sure where Domain trade association will go but off to a rousing start IMO.
    FYI Rob, I didn’t see any low quality people in the room … not a one, maybe you were thinking about one of the events you were attending?

  5. Domain Pro says:

    Rob, you nailed it! The photo quality is awful. It pains me that YOU are the only one who had the courage and conviction to stand-up and publicly denounce the image as “low-quality.” If Steve Jobs were still alive, he would be rightly shamed and Apple stakeholders would be duly outraged. You d’man!!

    Unfortunately, you only got it half-right. Last night’s South Florida Domain Pros kickoff dinner and rockstar concert was a splendid event. Of course, had you been there, you’d have already know that. Unfortunately, nobody knows who you are, so we couldn’t send you an invitation. But we know you now. Rob, you d’putz!

    SCOTT ALLIY > Thanks for joining us last night and for your kind words herein.

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