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SpamHaus : Is .XYZ the most abused new gTLD ?

Dot .XYZ has accumulated a long history of controversy; from its launch two years ago, to its adoption for Google’s Alphabet project, to the penny promotion for its 2nd anniversary.

With more than 6.4 million registered .XYZ domains, the brainchild of CEO and founder, Daniel Negari, began with the acquisition of XYZ.com for $50,000 dollars, during TRAFFIC 2010.

Whether one likes .XYZ or not, quite often there are dubious accusations of it being the “most abused” TLD on earth.

How much of it is true?

While it’s tempting to point the finger at .XYZ as it has its fair share of spam, there are other, more abusive new gTLDs out there.

The top 3 most abusive TLDs for August 2016.

The top 3 most abusive TLDs for August 2016.

Actually, the XYZ Registry actively implements a method of spam control that disables abusive domains.

Sometimes, it might go overboard, but less spam is better than more spam. We say, that XYZ is doing a good job taking offline those that break the rules.

Domain and IP security sentinel, SpamHaus, keeps track of the abusive behavior of gTLDs and TLDs in general, using a methodology that weighs the percentage of abusive domains that exist in a given TLD.

In the current report for August 2016, dot .XYZ is not among the top 10 most abusive TLDs.

It wasn’t in July, either.

That title, belongs to dot .TOP, that takes the gold medal in the Spamlympics.

Dot .Download gets silver, while dot .GDN wins the bronze medal among the most abusive TLDs on the planet.

For the full list, click here to visit SpamHaus.org.

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