Spectrum.com : Charter Communications acquired this premium domain

The merger and acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications, creates a behemoth in the Internet and cable TV market.

The resulting entity is called Charter Spectrum, operating from the domain Spectrum.com, registered in 1994.

The domain Spectrum.com was sold to Charter Communications by Sun Life Financial, a Canadian company, around Oct. 31, 2014 according to WHOIS records.

Sun Life Financial, Inc. is a Canada-based financial services company known primarily as a life insurance company. It is one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, and also one of the oldest with the history spanning back to 1865.

On January 6, 2015, Charter acquired the domain Spectrum.net as well.

So how much were these domains sold for?

Spectrum.com, sold to Charter Communications.

Spectrum.com, sold to Charter Communications.

We could not locate any information in the financials of both Charter Communications or Sun Life Financial, despite being assisted by Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos.

After perusing the financial records of both companies going back to 2014, nothing turns up.

But why?

According to Kirikos, both companies are far too large, with tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization, to report even a six or seven million dollar sale, as it’s probably the case here.

Recently, DNJournal released a stash of domain sales provided by Domain Name Sales, in the millions of dollars.

In the past, Igloo brokers have hinted of domain transactions in the six and seven figure range that cannot be reported due to existing NDAs.

The world of domain investing, as experienced by the average domain investor, is a small window to a much larger world. 😀

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