: #Fashion brand #domain 2015 selling price is revealed

Stage is a fashion outlet brand, operating from the matching domain,

The brand acquired the domain name in late 2015. It seems that the ecommerce platform of Stage will be discontinued. The brand will convert the full chain of department stores to Gordmans off-price stores, with a goal of reaching approximately 700 total off-price stores by mid-2020.

That aside, the selling price of was $325,000 dollars.

George Kirikos, domain sleuth extraordinaire, located the full depreciation of the domain’s acquisition cost in the company’s financial declaration for this year.

Says the footnote of the report:

(c) Represents full impairment of the domain name associated with the planned discontinuance of e-commerce order fulfillment from our distribution centers and stores after the 2019 holiday shopping season. Impairment charges related to the domain name were recorded in selling, general and administrative expenses.”

Will the domain be sold after its ecommerce function ends? it’s quite possible, as the domain’s acquisition cost is being written off in full. We’ll have to wait and see. cost $325,000 dollars to acquire in 2015.

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